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   Welcome to my Blog

   Land Art in Port Giraud

I was visiting a small place on the West coast of France called Port Giraud; A nice place where the local and visitors coexist with the ocean. The local community follows the rhythm of the tide and gathers at the beach to fish shrimps, or collect oysters and shellfish when the tide is low and the bottom of the see turns into a moon landscape. This place makes you feel one with nature, but at the same time, very small compared to the wild forces of the elements. I wanted to explore the space in this extraordinary site, and made Land Art Sculptures/Installations; only using very thick yarn, made from recycled cotton, and nothing else; no nails, no hammer or any other tool. I chose a violet line; it had to be a colour that you do not easily find in nature, but at the same time it had to be a colour that matches the sea.
The first place I choose was at the beach between some rocks proliferation. It looked like a nice spot to activate and explore with my temporary Installation.
It was easier said than done; these rocks were very porous, and they crumbled all the time, I couldn’t use the plants there neither, because they didn’t support the tension; So I rapped some of this rocks and I made this Installation:
I wanted it to be like a wave merging with a fishing net. And I wanted to captivate the movement of the Sea.

It took several hours to make this installation. I left it by the see for one day, letting it interact with the environment and dancing with the sea.



When I returned 24 hours later, it was still intact, even though, it was windy and a torment was teasing; and in a matter of a seconds I could dissemble the 5 x 1 x 10 meters big installation from the rocks.

In this picture you can see what remained after the deinstallation; You can compare the size with the one euro coin on the table.


My second installation was under an abandoned bridge belonging to one of the characteristic fishing houses at the seaside; I was doing my morning jogging when I saw it, and even though we didn’t have much time left in France, I couldn’t stop thinking about this spot; so, the very last day before our returning to DK I couldn’t resist anymore, and I went to this place to make this Temporary installation.
It seems as if the fishing house was removed decades ago, and the only thing left was this fragile old bridge. It was windy again and the tide was high. I used the same method as before, I rapped the columns and some rocks and I made this artwork: 

I must confess the wind made it more difficult. I needed the yarn to be very tense, but it wasn’t easy under these conditions. I was about to give up a couple of times; I knew that we had so many tings left to do before our travel back home the next morning.
But, suddenly… it was ready, and it looked just perfect.

These are some details where you can see the depth of the piece.
It was approximately ( D H W) 3 x 2 x11 meter. See further details below.


  The hibernation

After 5 years of hibernation I’m back to the world of art; It is not that I just disappeared from the art 

scene and landed in the normal life. I was dreaming, having a family, I was living, analyzing and 

processing the normal daily life; and in the meantime, I took notes, and made projects for many art 


I certainly knew that this hibernation wouldn’t last forever; I needed to come back to make art, my 

mind and my body needed art as the need for water in the desert.

Art, that’s why I exist. It is what I know the best and what I do the best.

So, I started to paint again, even thought painting is not my main subject, but I looked after some 

early works that I wanted to finish.

   Feministic paintings

My project of feministic paintings resulted very figurative; I started some of these paintings 6 years 

ago and some are only a couple of years old; the main motive is the woman. In this case I wanted to 

make something recognizable; everybody can make expressionistic shit; no one can do a Pollock after 


It seems like panting as media is dead. So, I will give my paintings some kind of life trough feelings, 

in this case represented by tears, I made a serie of crying women, because the gender is consider as 

fragile by nature. There is pain in every birth and women are the ones to give life.

I mix Icons, (thinking about the Virgin Mary), Pop Art (thinking about Lichtenstein and Warhol), 

Kitch (for the tears and the famous picture of a crying child) and women of all times crying; but why 

do they cry??? Are these tears for real? Why are gold, silver and cobber in these tears? Do these 

women receive something when they cry? And do not forget, the many times you cry of happiness 

and joy. 


These first images are some drawings; the red one, is A3 format and the silver one is A4 (it's on a gallery in Madrid),

both are for sale, for more information contact me at:

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And now the paintings; check out the transformation:


(Before) 6 years ago
Mixed media on canvas 45x35 cm

(Now) 2013
Mixed media on canvas 45x35 cm



(Before) 6 years ago
Mixed media on canvas 35x30 cm

(Now) 2013
Mixed media on canvas 35x30 cm

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This one is from 2007 and I like it a lot, I didn’t change anything. Mixed media on paper 40x30.

For sale or more information: 

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   The rescue

Now, I’m trying to rescue this painting, also from 2007. It is a woman sitting on the diner table, 

immersed in her thoughts, is she obsessed? or is she really concentrated in something important?; 

maybe an invention, a math equation, a recipe?? Or is she reflecting about life? Why is the cup of 

coffee so close to the edge? 

She looks like a housewife, but, some of the present bestselling authors were ‘just’ housewives. 


The background is dirty, and I have to change her face and the left hand.

Some days latter, this is what happened:


The background is clean now and the face is ready; check out the eyes, they are somewhat empty like 

Modigliani’s women; the table and the cup of coffee are ready; but he technical drawing on her right 

isn’t recognizable and I want to change the colour of the dress.


Here, I’m still struggling with the dress; even thought it's not that much, I have to fix; it's not 

ready yet…


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