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Name:                Violeta Miranda 
Born:                15th of December 1977
Nationality:     Mexican - Danish
Lives and works in Denmark
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Plastic Arts (Sculpture/installation etc.) from 
Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Mexico (UAEM).            
Courses and Workshops:            
· The eighth and ninth semester where completed at The Faculty ‘de Bellas Artes’ in Universidad de Castilla la Mancha campus Cuenca – Spain, as a participant of the academic interchange program. 
· Course in contemporary mexican plastic art at the Art-academy UAEM.
· Course in representation and presentation of contemporary art at the Art-academy UAEM
· Cinematographic appreciation at Alianza Francesa
· Participation in first forum of plastic arts.
· Course in useable and prefabricated sculptures at the Faculty of engineering. UAEM
· Course in theatre and photography at CEA, UAEM
· 2 installations/land-art in Port Giraud (France) 2007-2012
· Hibernation 2006
· Individual Exhibition "Biota Garden - Appearance by coincidence", Spanien 19C, Århus (Denmark)
(Check the links) page 55. and (Check the link) 2004 
· Individual Exhibition “Høje Taastrup Sprogcenter” (Denmark)
· 6 installations/land-art in Mexico. (Mexico)
· Realization of the Installation “eggs production” Sponsored by the Spanish Railways ‘RENFE’, UCLM and OCI. (Spain) (Check the link)
· Realisation of the installation “Algo sobre la existencia” sponsored by 
Hielo Cristal Toluca, in Ciudad Universitaria UAEM. (Mexico)
· Individual Sculpture Exhibition on the international day of graphic design at la Facultad de Arquitectura y Diseño. (mex)
· Participant Suitcase Proyect (DK/UK) (check the link) The Suitcase Project, The Old Library, Cardiff, Wales 
The Suitcase Project, The Beaver Project, Copenhagen 2007
· Participant at the first exhibition at the Gallery 'Galleri Mejeriet Thy' (Denmark) 2006
· Participant at the international Art Rue Tinteniac (France)
· Participant at the international "Mercadillo de Arte in Sevilla" (Spain) · Realization of the Installation “viajantes” Sponsored by the Spanish Railways ‘RENFE’, UCLM and OCI. (Spain) (Check the link)
· Participant at the International Art Symposium in Valmiera (Latvia)
(check the link)
· Easter exhibition “Seeing through a brick – høre græsset gro” Cathrinesminde Museum, Iller (Denmark) (check the link) 2004
· Video-art at the Nakkefestival, (DK)
· Flux gruppeudstilling, Copenhagen, (DK)
· exhibition humel in Hedehusene (DK)
· Organizer and participant with installations at the contemporary art exhibition “Ideal Standart” realised in the center of Toluca, with participating artists from Mexico, Colombia and Denmark. (Mexico)
· modern art exhibition at the Municipal Palace of Toluca. (mex)
· art auction in Toluca (mex)
· Exhibition “Artistic Behavior” at la Facultad de Ciencias de conducta UAEM. (mex)
· “Proyecto Azul” The Museum Virreynato  (mex)
· Two exhibitions at the art academy and the student’s home. (Spain)
· Collective Exhibition at the third annual salon of plastic arts in
la Casa de la Diligencias de la ciudad de Toluca (mex)
· Collective Exhibition at the second annual salon of plastic arts in
Casa de Cultura de  Tlalpan. (mex)
· Collective Exhibition in the Municipal Palace of Toluca (mex)
· The exhibition “estudiantes de la Licenciatura en Artes Plásticas” at la Facultad de Ciencias Políticas de la UAEM (mex)
·Exhibition at “Tecnológico de Monterrey campus Toluca” on the VII
International Symposium of Industrial Ingeniering and Systems (mex)
·Performance “Tiempo Anacrónico”  “el Tecnológico de Monterrey campus Toluca” on the VII International Symposium of Industrial Engineering and Systems (mex)
· Performance “Pulmón artificial” in la reforestación de la Alameda 2000 de Toluca. (mex)
· Perfomance “acción-reacción” at the Art-academy UAEM (mex)
· Perfomance ”por la paz serie I”, in the garden of art, Toluca, (mex)
· Installation “Cíclico” on el Paricutín en el Edo. De Michoacán (mex)
· Installation “la vie est allereuce” on la Plaza Gonzales Arratia de la ciudad de Toluca. (mex)
· exhibition “Sesión de expression” at the gallery Galarte. (mex)
· art auction at “Acustico”, Toluca (mex)
· Exhibition “el quinto elemento” in - biblioteca Gonzalez Heredia de la ciudad de Toluca (mex)
· Exhibition in la Alameda Central de Toluca (mex)
· Exhibition in la Capilla Exenta (mex)
· Exhibition in el Primer jardín del arte de Toluca (mex)
· Presentation of the happening “satira popularidad” Escuela de Artes UAEM (mex)
· Presentation of the happening “los dioses” in la zona arqueológica de mitla Oaxaca (mex)
· Collective exhibition in La Casa de Cultura de Tlalpan (mex)
· Collective exhibition in el Primer Salón Anual de Artes Plasticas in
La Casa de las Diligencias  (mex)
· Collective exhibition at la Galeria “Bajo Tierra”, México D.F. (mex)
· Collective exhibition at la Preparatoria de Ixtlahuaca. (mex)
· Presentation of the Performance “Mass Media”, on la Plaza Mc Ondo. (mex)
· Collective exhibition, “Genesis Aprendiendo a respirar”, en Grand Plaza Toluca. (mex)
· Collective exhibition at la Facultad de Ingenieria de la UAEM. (mex)
Vicepresident of the artist and cultural group “Proyecto Azul” Mexico (2000 – 2003).
Art-teacher at the art-school Taastrup/Hedehusene, Denmark (2004 - 2007)
· Received various critics on the exhibitions 
in mexican, spanish, Latvian, german and danish newspapers. 
2001 · Publication of an article and graphic works in the magazine FAAPAUAEM The December edition. · Article in the newspaper el Sol de Toluca: “Talent and art by the hands of Violeta Miranda Mendoza”, by Rosa Elena Rodríguez. 18/10/01
· Interview in the program “Nuevamente” in TV Mexiquense, About the Journeys at the Art Garden "Jardín del Arte".
2000 · Publication of graphic work in the magazine Colmena.
1997 · Donation of a stone sculpture to Casa de la Cultura de Chalco.

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